76th Annual Affair of the Heart Raises Over $600K

76th Annual Affair of the Heart Raises Over $600K

Photos by Uzi Photography

The 76th Annual An Affair of the Heart Luncheon & Fashion Show, hosted by the Women’s Board of the American Heart Association, Greater Washington Region, gathered over 700 guests on February 9. This milestone event commemorated the American Heart Association's 100 years of impact and recognized the unwavering commitment of the Women’s Board to saving and improving lives.

Co-Chairs Norah Gourlay and Kristi Bryan, along with Women’s Board Chairs Mimi Lawless and Nell Shapiro, successfully brought the event to life, raising over $600,000.

"It is crucial to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease, specifically in women, as it is the leading cause of death in the US and worldwide.  Women may experience atypical cardiac symptoms (like nausea or fatigue) compared to men, which can contribute to misdiagnosis and delayed treatment.  When diagnosed early, heart disease is manageable and all women deserve to benefit from the clinical and academic strides made against this disease. Continued research and advancement in cardiovascular care is essential for prevention, early diagnosis and treatment to save lives, enhance quality of life and improve health outcomes." - Norah Gourlay, FNP-C, AOTH Co-chair


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