5 Things To Search For At The Del Ray Vintage + Flea Market

5 Things To Search For At The Del Ray Vintage + Flea Market

Story by Amy Sills Eggers

More than 20 years ago, I didn’t want “other peoples’ stuff,” but now I’m the Co-Founder and Director of the Del Ray Vintage and Flea Market. We begin our fourth season this Spring!

I have found the key to collecting - and displaying - is organization. Have you ever been to a place with lots of great stuff, but it looked like a junkyard? Conversely, a few lovely finds displayed cleanly and thoughtfully suddenly become a unique collection and conversation starter.

Here are my top five things to scout for at the next Del Ray Vintage and Flea Market, which occurs on the second Saturday of every month. And remember - two is a pair, but three is the start of a collection!

Vintage Barware

My personal fav! Juice glasses, highball sets, martini glasses or tea pitchers always bring so much character and can inspire unique cocktails and dry drinks with creative garnishes.


Antique tins come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They make great desk or kitchen crocks.


Runners, foyer or area rugs. Rugs define conversation areas or become large art pieces that consume negative wall space. If you choose to hang them, make sure to hang them in studs since most are not exactly lightweights.


Vinyl LPs are hands-down the hottest item at the flea market. Pick your favorites, frame and hang the jackets together or in theme-appropriate rooms.

Milk Glass

This mostly opaque, milk white or colored glass first appeared in Venice during the 16th century. While you won’t find any that old, colors from the past 60 years also include blue, pink, yellow and black.

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