4 Print Marketing Trends to Inspire Your COVID-19 Reopening

4 Print Marketing Trends to Inspire Your COVID-19 Reopening

Fact: Print marketing is memorable, engaging and trustworthy. How will print marketing help you to reopen your business?

Believe it or not, Millenials and Gen Z (our top spenders) are the most difficult generations to reach digitally. 63% are using AdBlocker and 82% completely ignore online banner ads. Throw in the 'spam' and clickbait that they scroll by on their Facebook feeds, and its no wonder why those with all the spending power trust print more than any other form of advertising. When people touch, hold, and even smell paper, they respond in a profoundly personal way.

Here are just a few marketing trends to consider as you plan for your COVID-19 Reopening.


The world (and social media) is filled with chaos (AKA: clickbait and spam) and viewers long for a return to simplicity.

Minimalist designs offer the respite people crave; images with a clear, elegant purpose, maximizing white space and using layouts that are clean and authentic. Uncluttered visuals bring an honest, compelling point into focus in a quick and arresting way.

In October 2019, we designed this ad for local fitness boutique StarFit Studio with a simplicity concept in mind. The black and white image with pops of red created a powerful visual with a singular, clear message. Branding such as this has the ability to become so recognizable that it will eventually not need require a logo.



If you have ever painted a room, you understad the significance of choosing, not only the right color, but the right shade. Print advertising allows you to bring about an emotional response that one would feel when surrounded by a palette that speaks to them. This is something that cannot be acheived on a computer screen because your message is surrounded by other information trying to steal the spotlight.

Your message. Your colors. Your space. You've captured someone's attention and now there is no competition. A tangible advertising piece sounds great right about now, doesn't it?

In November 2019, we designed a new logo package for local real estate agent, Kristen Jones. We utilized that new branding, incorporating its deep blue and gold accents into this two-page print spread. The luxurious, yet bold, color scheme not only captured attention and encouraged readers to stop, but also told her story and featured testimonials from Kristen's thankful clients.



Telling stories is no longer just for YouTube. The truth is: How well you are able to drive traffic back to your business once the quarantine has ended will significantly depend on how well the local community knows you and your story. The goal is to make your business a priority for customers and print space has the ability to make instant connections with those who have spending power.

Unlike digital platforms, print stories are free of outside links, sidebar advertisements and distractions. The reader is able to focus all of their energy on you and your business, making the content more meaningful and more likely to be retained.

In October 2019, we designed this two-page spread for local Italian restaurant, Osteria Marzano. Behind their authentic Italian cuisine, there is a father-daughter duo with an inspiring story. This printed piece provided them plenty of new foot traffic and brand awareness. Consumers are always eager to support a business with a great a story that they can get behind!



Print is known for being tangible, meaningful, trustworthy and, most importantly, memorable. But there are ways to go above and beyond the typical print marketing strategy by working with a graphic designer to create an interactive advertisement. This is a print ad that allows the viewer to engage in some sort of meaningful activity. This could be done right on the page OR it could be a QR code that easily leads them to a specific website and/or animation on their digital device.

This print ad was designed for the upcoming May 2020 issue of VIP Alexandria Magazine. The page not only serves as an advertisement for local cupcakery, Cupcakes: The Galleria, but also provides readers of all ages with a coloring page and option to submit digitally to win cupcakes. Simple, effective and memorable.


However you choose to spend your marketing dollars when the quarnatine in Northern Virginia has officially ended, be sure you are staying true to your brand and reaching your customers in an honest and meaningful way. The marketing professionals and graphic designers at VIP Alexandria Magazine are ready to help you reopen your business successfully!

Email us today to learn how you can tell your story through simlicity, color, storytelling and interactive menthods in the June 2020 issue and beyond.

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