Alexandria’s Old Town North Arts and Cultural District is brimming with health and wellness.

Old Town North has a wealth of fitness-oriented businesses and activities for all ages to enjoy. Not least, Old Town North is a very walkable neighborhood, where homes, jobs, shopping, dining, and recreating are all in close proximity. We also have the famous Mount Vernon Trail, enjoyed by bicyclists, joggers, and walkers.

Montgomery Park, the heart of the community, is home to a local farmers market, children’s soccer teams, free yoga in the Gazebo, children and parents at the playground, high school tennis teams and evening tennis meet up leagues, happy dogs and owners, all contributing to the charms of Old Town North. Along the waterfront is the Dee Campbell.Rowing Center, home to rowing teams from Alexandria High School and the community.Over the month of October we’ll profile a few of the local businesses dedicated to creating health and wellness and enhancing the vitality of the community.

Seichou Karate Dojo at 807 North Royal Street, open since 2004, is a tranquil space dedicated to both the teaching of Karate and Calligraphy and has built a loyal following of students of both Martial Arts and Japanese Culture. Owner Richard Romero credits his time in Japan in helping to shape his teaching philosophy, believing “the student has entrusted the teacher with their time and the teacher must dignify that trust.” Romero and his students conduct an annual Karate demonstration in Montgomery Park during the Taste of Old Town North.

Article by Margaret Townsend