We are thrilled to introduce VIP Alexandria Magazine to our amazing community! We are a community-based, social + lifestyle publication that focuses on the people who live, work + play within the area. We take pride in creating a COMPLIMENTARY print + digital publication that we use to showcase all of the people, businesses, organizations and events that make Alexandria such a wonderful place to live + visit!

In each issue of VIP Alexandria, you will find extraordinary + historical homes, elegant weddings, charity spotlights, news from our local military community, event coverage, and much more! Every issue also features a VIProfile in who you will get to know someone significant in the community. The best part: You never know WHO will end up on the cover of VIP! So if you see one of our photographers at a local event, be sure to smile and “say cheese” because it may just end up being YOU!

We can’t wait to see you in VIP!

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